MP's anticipate verdict for Emergency Law extension
MP's anticipate verdict for Emergency Law extension
Monday, May 10,2010 06:38

The deplored law has been in force since 1981 and has been a tool in the hands of the executive power to stomp many basic rights and freedom guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution  


Unfortunately these powers constitute gross violations of the rights guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution, which provides for personal freedom in article 41, the inviolability of private homes in article 44, freedom of movement and residence in article 54. All of which have been imposed many opposition namely the Muslim Brotherhood


The powers also disregard many rights and safeguards stipulated in the International Convent on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) such as article 9 on personal freedom, article 12 on freedom of movement and article 21 on the right of peaceful assembly in which Egypt had committed itself to

MPs are expected to denunciate the law and call for its elimination as it has done before in 2006. The NDP however have met several times to ensure they have a unified stance and it is believed they will call for the continuing of the law

Hussein Ibrahim vice president for the MB parliamentary bloc, asserted that the MB MP's will participate in the session stressing that they will call for those who vote in favor to be publicly announced