Opposition slams extended 'emergency law'
Opposition slams extended 'emergency law'
Tuesday, May 11,2010 22:54

 They described the changes as superficial since it continues to allow the indefinite detention, against opposition, rights groups and activists to hush opponents of President Hosni Mubarak and his ruling party.

Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif argued that the law will not challenge freedoms or breach rights adding that the law was designed to target terrorists and drug dealers. Legal Affairs Minister Mufid Shehab claimed that modifications were made to the 'emergency law' making it similar to the anti-terrorism legislation in other countries.

Chancellor Mahmoud Khoudary's opinion differed with the ministers emphasizing that the emergency law was only ever applied to those with political opinion.

PA speaker alleged that under the 'emergency law' any detainee held in custody for crimes not related to drugs or terrorist is to be released on June 1st.