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Jordanians launch Israeli boycott campaign
Jordanians launch Israeli boycott campaign
Wednesday, May 12,2010 09:20

AMMAN, The Jordanian trade unions announced on Monday the launch of an extensive campaign to boycott all Israeli goods and products to coincide with the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe).

In a news conference, head of trade unions and dean of Jordanian physicians Ahmed Al-Armouti stressed the need for activating such campaigns in order to respond to Israel’s escalating Judaization activities, its blockade on Gaza and ongoing threats to Jordan’s national security.

Armouti added that this campaign is aimed at activating the existing boycott campaigns and raising the awareness of Jordanians about the Israeli trademarks and slogans so as they can boycott them, noting that the Jordanians have been boycotting Israeli products since the signing of Wadi Araba treaty.