IAF in Jordan to solve disputes
IAF in Jordan to solve disputes
Friday, May 14,2010 12:39

The meeting was to discuss the divisive election of the so-called hardliner Zaki Ben Rashed as leader. Shura council president, Ali Abul Sukkar, who was chosen in a vote called for the meeting after differences were expressed concerning the election.


Last week’s Shura council session was interrupted by heated arguments between the group and a number of council members left the assembly.  Temporary president Hosni Jarrar adjourned the session.Abul Sukkar was then elected in the absence of key moderate figures.


IAF Secretary General Ishaq Farhan maintained that a decision was made to refer the matter to the legal committee to look into the legality of the elections which continued with the absence of key figures. He stressed, that any decision made would de binding for all.