Scholars and intellectuals debate Egypt 's future
Scholars and intellectuals debate Egypt 's future
Tuesday, May 18,2010 01:07

They considered many issues mainly concerning regime repression, and this month's extended Emergency Law. Scholars debated political reform in Egypt and the consequences of external pressure, namely US interference
Distinguished Egyptian speakers, included Hassan Nafaa, professor of political science and coordinator of Dr. ElBaradei’s National Association for Change. Yehya al-Jamal, legal and constitutional expert; and Osama al-Ghazali Harb, the Democratic Front Party founder
The conference dealt with numerous significant topics, including the current constitutional crisis and the culture and modernization of Egyptian society. First up was al-Jamal’s summary of the history of the Egyptian constitution

Nafaa followed presenting  insight into the impending elections, stressing that despite the predicted rigging in the upcoming parliamentary elections, not all opposition parties would decide to boycott. Speakers explained that the regime sought to exonerate the Muslim Brotherhood's MPs. Hence the MB members are adamant in participating in elections regardless of   the regime's intentions of replacing them with members of the official political parties
Harb, focused on the last five years of Egyptian political history, centering on the media restrictions and expression in Egypt . He welcomed US pressure and intervention maintaining that it affected the Egyptians positively
Harb’s statement offended the younger people in the conference room as tension rose especially from members of the Egyptian Association for Change-USA, whose opinion differed with angry responses. They argued that any change should be from within Egypt without international intercession