Jerusalemite prisoner appeals for letting him see his mother in ICU
Jerusalemite prisoner appeals for letting him see his mother in ICU
Wednesday, May 19,2010 07:47

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, Jerusalemite prisoner Ahmed Khalaf has appealed to the Red Cross and human rights groups to help in allowing him to see his mother who has been in the intensive care unit in Hadassah-Ein Karem hospital for ten days.

He said that his mother, 67, suffered a brain stroke after a long history of sickness.

The Israeli prisons authority refused repeated requests by the family to allow Khalaf, who has served 18 years out of his 23-year sentence, to see his mother who was suffering from diabetes and heart ailment and who lost her eyesight that made her unable to visit him for six years.

Khalaf's sister said after visiting him on Monday that he was urging all official and public institutions to intervene on his behalf.

The father of the prisoner died a few years ago of cancer, but Khalaf was also denied permit to see him before his death.

Khalaf, who was born in 1975 and detained in 1992, was cruelly tortured for 40 days on his detention after charging him with assaulting an Israeli settler and burning Israeli cars and shops in occupied Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces continued their campaign of detention and rounded up five citizens at dawn Tuesday in the districts of Nablus and Bethlehem.

The Israeli radio said that the five were arrested on suspicion of participating in attacks on Israeli targets, adding that four of them were held in Nablus and one in Bethlehem.