Egypt: PM expresses support for Mubarak's sixth term
Egypt: PM expresses support for Mubarak's sixth term
Sunday, May 23,2010 10:48
Mubarak has been in power since 1981 after the assassination of Anwar Sadat and has since imposed the emergency law which has continued to be applied in the continued indefinite detentions and suppression of innocent political opposition mostly from the Muslim Brotherhood bloc
Much ruminating has taken place as to who will assume the role of President after his term where people believe that Mubarak has been grooming his 47 year old son Gamal to take over. However both Mubaraks deny the allegations
Nazif, argued he believed that Mubarak is 'capable of stability' claiming that it is exactly what Egypt needs adding 'the system has not put forth an alternative who can be comfortably placed in his field'
Recent events however, reflect that Egypt 's status couldn't be any further from the so-call alleged 'stability'. People have taken to the streets going vocal expressing their anger ranging from, violations to human rights, spiraling prices, unpaid wages and suppression
 It remains to be seen how much more 'stability' the citizens can endure