NDP’s nominee excluded deeming MB nominee winner
NDP’s nominee excluded deeming MB nominee winner
Saturday, May 29,2010 06:59

Husseiny asserted that the Elections Supreme Committee and Head of Security in Kafr el Sheikh listed Hoda Tablawy, NDP nominee, in the same constituency for the Shura Council elections, despite a court ruling of three years imprisonment sentence for money issues


Lawyers called on Intisar Nasim, Head of the Elections Supreme Committee to implement the decision of the Administrative Court and announce the MB candidate as winner


Tablawy in response filed a lawsuit against Hussein alleging that he uses religious mottos in his electoral campaign. The court decided to accept the lawsuit and referred the appeal to the State Delegation’s Committee to decide


In a related matter, potential independent candidate Mohamed El-Shahwy's lawyer also filed a complaint that his name was not included on the nominee list despite the completion of his application forms.  He also requested to have a copy of the decision issued against NDP candidate Tablawy however; the court refused prompting him to refer his appeals to the Cairo Administrative Court