Repercussions after Shura Council elections continue
Repercussions after Shura Council elections continue
Saturday, June 5,2010 16:36

In the Beheira Governorate , nine MB candidate supporters arrested during elections remain in detention pending an investigation following a court order
The Nadim Center for Psychological Rehabilitation and Treatment issued a statement slamming the violations of human rights and breaches to the constitution which unjustly implement the 'emergency law' on the wrong people. They condemned the incident of student Samy Oraby from Beheira, who was shot by police and is currently cuffed to a hospital bed in Damanhour awaiting surgery to remove lodged bullets. The centre said it would hold the Ministries of Interior and Health fully accountable for Oraby's safety and for using the hospitals for police repression
Other governorates witnessed similar incidents with the unjust arrests, indefinite detentions and fabricated charges leveled at MB and independent candidate supporters. One supporter was accused of smashing ballot boxes while others were charged with inciting riots during the elections
Charges will be appealed by defence lawyers