Jewish organization to send aid ship to Gaza soon
Jewish organization to send aid ship to Gaza soon
Monday, June 7,2010 23:41

Jewish Voice for Peace movement in Germany said it intends to send an aid ship or maybe more to break the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip in the coming weeks.

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth quoted member of the movement Kate Leitrer as saying that they are planning to leave for Gaza in July.

"We have one small craft so far, in which there will be between 12 and 16 people, mostly Jews," Leitrer added.

"Getting another boat means more expenses, and we're discussing this possibility," she noted.

"The UNRWA chief appealed to the world to send ships due to the shortage of important supplies in Gaza," she said. "By stopping the flotilla, Israel acted criminally. Israel must not act like pirates."

She also affirmed that the Jewish activists are not afraid of Hamas in Gaza, but of Israel and its intention to attack any ship trying to break the siege, adding that many Jewish activists came in the past to Gaza and were treated in a friendly manner.

In a related context, Palestinian minister of interior Fathi Hammad stated Sunday that Israel, with its own hands, damaged its reputation worldwide when it attacked the Freedom Flotilla.

In a press statement to Al-Ressala net, Hammad said that no one is standing by Israel except the American administration and some officials in Europe.

He underlined that although the anti-siege ships did not reach Gaza, Israel's attack placed the issue of the blockade in the forefront of world news reports, marches and events.

The minister added that the Freedom Flotilla convoy made Gaza the "pivot" on which many policies revolves and a "conduit" for the return of Turkey to its role in the region.

For his part, senior Islamic Jihad leader Khaled Al-Batesh said in a press statement that Israel wanted to settle scores with Turkey and curb its efforts to break the siege on Gaza when it waged a deadly attack on its aid ship the Mavi Marmara.

Batesh called for curbing Israel from committing more crimes through organizing more convoys to Gaza.

He also called on the Arab countries, the organization of the Islamic conference, and the UN to provide the anti-siege convoys with armed protection, pointing out that his Movement would submit a proposal to the visiting Arab parliamentary delegation in Gaza in this regard.