Khodeiri denies NAC internal rifts after MB dialogue
Khodeiri denies NAC internal rifts after MB dialogue
Wednesday, June 9,2010 21:28


Chancellor Mahmoud el-Khodeiri, former Deputy Chairman of the Court of Cessation and a member of the National Association for Change (NAC), admitted differences of opinion exist within association, but downplayed them as “healthy" ,  not an indication of an impending collapse.
Khodeiri also denied rumours of internal rifts within the NAC following meetings between Mr. ElBaradei and Dr. Saad Katatni, head of the MB parliamentary bloc
He added that NAC fully supports dialogue with the MB, as the most important political opposition group that could not be ignored. He pointed out that there were no discussions on the religious trends of the MB, suggesting that certain individuals were behind the spreading of such rumours
The General Coordinator of NAC, Dr. Hassan Nafaa, and its media spokesman Mr. Hamdy Qandil, have recently resigned in objection to the frequent overseas trips of ElBaradei since he returned to Egypt last February
Moreover, Qandil criticized  ElBaradei for relying heavily on assistance from none-NAC members in his campaign for  political and constitutional reforms. However, Chancellor Khodeiri claimed the he was not aware of any outside help and stressed that the rumours were an attempt by the government to damage and distort the image of NAC.