Hamas: Egypt is welcome to continue as mediator
Hamas: Egypt is welcome to continue as mediator
Thursday, June 10,2010 08:16

Ahmed Bahr, Vice President of the PLC however, highlighted that although they welcomed the reconciliation they were not prepared to forgo Palestinian dignity adding that former conditions for agreement by the Quartet and the US disregarded justice

Hamas leader Ayman Taha maintained that they looked forward to a settlement between Hamas and Fatah stressing that it was imperative to end the disunity in Palestine which would benefit all factors. He added that it was disappointing that their demands would end in the break down of talks however it was unreasonable to break down talks simply for demands to modification in the electoral documents

On its part Egyptian officials denied allegations that it was concerned with Turkey 's Prime Minister Erdogan's desire to act as mediator since Turkey wasn't the first to offer its services. In fact Mustafa Fiqi, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the People's Assembly, highlighted that " Egypt welcomed international supervision on Rafah's borders"