French Expert: MB preserves stability in the world
French Expert: MB preserves stability in the world
Friday, June 11,2010 14:23

Dr. Jean-Pierre Filho, a professor in political science and researcher on  Islamic movements at the Paris University , alleged that the Muslim Brotherhood bloc is an excellent example of moderate globalization which helped contribute to the stability of the world. He maintained that the constant suppression of Islamic movements by governments will ultimately result in thwarting national peace


In a seminar titled  "Islamic political radicalism” at the Ahram Study Centre,  Filho asserted that  “The absence of democracy and the continued political deadlock in most  Arab countries may lead the people to choose  violence  over  peace in achieving reform after losing faith in peaceful methods"


He highlighted that the continued suppression of Islamic movements, namely the MB, will trigger the emergence of violent trends pointing to the Turkish experience as a fine example in balancing authority and cooperation with moderate Islamist groups such as the MB


Dr. Nabil Abdel Fattah, Director of the Ahram centre claimed that the past decade has witnessed some Arab regimes support extremist trends in an attempt to hamper the prosper of Islamic political movements, in particular the MB