Alexandria mourns newest Interior Ministry's victim
Alexandria mourns newest Interior Ministry's victim
Saturday, June 12,2010 15:34

The prayers will take place at the Sidi Gaber Mosque and will be followed by a demonstration against the brutality of the police and security forces condemning the murder

The 28 year old was arrested and allegedly beaten to death by two plain clothed security agents after objecting to a police search at an internet cafe. According to witnesses, the victim was dragged into the street to a nearby building where he was viciously beaten and kicked in the chest and stomach and his head was repeatedly bashed into a banister

Saed's family and lawyers filed a complaint to the Sidi Gaber Prosecutor against the Ministry of Interior calling for the immediate investigation of their son’s death. They stressed they would never compensate on their son's death.  Prosecution ordered a coroner’s investigation

 The Nassar centre for law and human rights had organized a protest last Thursday June 10, condemning the killing. Police arrested members of his family who participated in the protest as well as nine political activists including Seed's lawyer, members of the 6 April Youth, the National Association for Change and Socialist Revolutionists

The abuse of the Emergency Law against civilians continues to take place despite assurances by the ruling party that it will be applied only to drug trafficking and terrorist cases

The imposed law restricts public freedoms and basic human rights guaranteed in international law and conventions including the Convention against Torture and the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights