Muslim Brotherhood's opinion in a newsletter regarding Shura elections and Freedom Flotilla
Muslim Brotherhood's opinion in a newsletter regarding Shura elections and Freedom Flotilla
Sunday, June 13,2010 18:00

The world has also witnessed barbaric Israeli aggression against the Freedom Flotilla and piracy on the Irish ship Rachel Corrie in international waters followed by international and regional calls to break Israel 's illegal siege of the Gaza Strip imposed for over three years.

The Muslim Brotherhood views as follows:
First: On a domestic level
 The Muslim Brotherhood argues that the widespread rigging of Egypt 's Upper House elections held on June1 and June 8th proves beyond any doubt that the authoritarian regime in Egypt insists on placing major obstacles thwarting any plans to achieve freedom and democracy. The continued approach primarily depending on the full forced distortion of the will of the Egyptian people has become blatant and unacceptable both at home and abroad. Furthermore, it threatens the stability of Egypt and ultimately serves only the US-Israeli schemes in the region, which mainly aim at weakening Egypt 's leading role and tarnishing its image
   The oppressive regime should apologize to the Egyptians on the Shura council elections sham, especially as the NDP's General-secretary publicly announced that he fulfilled his promises that none of the Brotherhood's candidate would win any seats in polls. Adding salt to wound was the deal signed between opposition MPs, who won seats in the last elections and the ruling NDP party. The elections require a comprehensive review of the authoritarian regime's position and lack of credibility and necessitate all involved to be legally held accountable for their actions
   The Muslim Brotherhood confirms their determination and resolve to continue in the constitutional struggle and active involvement in the general elections as it is an inherent right of every Egyptian citizen to participate in the election. In fact, vote rigging will not deter them from continuing their peaceful approach for change and reform 
   Second: Internationally and regionally

The Muslim Brotherhood believes that the only effective response to the Israeli's military massacre against the Freedom flotilla and the piracy on the Irish ship "Rachel Corrie" is that  the diplomatic efforts against the siege on Gaza involve concrete actions leading  to the lifting of the blockade and not just rhetoric condemnations
   The Muslim Brotherhood calls on the Egyptian authorities to permanently open the Rafah crossing for relief convoys, carrying humanitarian and medical supplies and construction materials to rebuild what the Israeli war machine had turned into ruins during its barbaric aggression. We also urge the Arab and Islamic governments to stand united with the Egyptian government against Israeli and  U.S. pressure which is aimed at preventing the Rafah crossing from remaining open and obstructing the arrival of relief aid to the people of Gaza . The Brothers express thanks and gratitude to the Egyptians and the people of the Arab, Muslim and free worlds on their stances in favor of the Palestinian rights against the Israeli barbaric aggression
   We, the Brotherhood  call upon Arab and Muslim human rights organizations, the international relief and civil society institutions to join forces in moving  quickly and effectively against Israel's crimes and demand that the Israeli war criminals be tried and prosecuted before an International Criminal Court for such heinous crimes