Turkey adopts tough stance against Israel
Turkey adopts tough stance against Israel
Friday, June 18,2010 08:16

According to a Turkish newspaper Turkey has decided to stop military cooperation with Israel asserting it would not send back any representative, withdrawn after the Israeli commando action to stop an aid convoy reaching Gaza . The newspaper said The Turkish government had determined it would not send back an ambassador to Tel Aviv before Israel provides a member for a UN investigation into the incident


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has proposed A full international investigation has been proposed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Israel claims it is conducting its own inquiry


Turkey has frozen military deals and projects worth nearly 7.5 million US dollars including plane and tank modernization and missile projects in addition to halting pilot training, intelligence sharing and joint exercises. Sanctions against Israel would be introduced accordingly


Turkey's Erdogan has called for an immediate end to the Israeli blockade an there has been public outrage over Israel 's behaviour

The United States has stated it would like to see both countries reconciliation stressing that any collapse of the relationship could harm the US strategy in the Middle East