Political opposition to decide stance on upcoming elections
Political opposition to decide stance on upcoming elections
Friday, June 18,2010 08:30



 The groups argued that the ruling National Democratic Party continues to rig the ballots making it a common characteristic of the Egyptian elections.

Kefaya's coordinator Abdel Halim Qandil stressed that there will be no place again for the Muslim Brotherhood in parliament highlighting events in the Shura midterm elections held in June as a clear indication of the ruling regime's intentions.However it has been previously established by the MB that they will continue to participate in elections since it is a constitutional right they should not be deprived of. The MB believes clearing the way for the NDP is exactly what the regime wants


Qandil urged all opposition movements and parties to boycott the elections so long as there continued to be no guarantees of transparency


Activist Ibrahim Yousri agreed ascertaining that the political atmosphere continued to worsen, he added that the opposition should have a unified stance on the elections