MB and NAC cooperate for political reform
MB and NAC cooperate for political reform
Saturday, June 19,2010 08:44

He ascertained that political reform would only be successful in collaboration with the MB efforts


In a statement to "Ikhwanweb"  Nafaa maintained that it was imperative that all political opposition  parties and national forces  work together during the upcoming period and unite in the call for reform which will benefit all of Egypt. . He emphasized that there should be no deals with the ruling National Party


Nafaa added that the imminent period would be comprised of significant stages including coordination and analysis before and after the parliamentary elections scheduled to take place in October 2010 and later preparations for the presidential elections in 2011


Dr. Mohamed Beltagy assistant Secretary-General of the MB's parliamentary bloc agreed highlighting that the Muslim Brotherhood looked forward to working with other national figures in order to unify ranks and determine stances