Study indicates Obama not so popular
Study indicates Obama not so popular
Wednesday, June 23,2010 14:44

A new study by the Pew Centersuggests that the Muslim Brotherhood's prediction was true where they stated before his memorable address in June 2009,that "If Obama fails to deliver anything, the Arabs would turn on him".
The US President Barack Obama had come to Cairo addressing the Egyptian and Muslim world in a foreign policy speech. His attempts were to nib the controversial opinion that the US neglected the Muslim and Arab world's concerns. Arab analysts were initially optimistic alleging that Obama's efforts were effective and he was successful in restarting the US-Arab relations.
However since then the study reveals that America's favorability rating has dropped from 27% in 2009 to 17% this year with Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt recording the lowest opinion with 17%. As the global economy begins to rebound from the great recession, people around the world remain deeply concerned with the way things are going in their countries. However views still appear to be more positive than during the Bush era among most Muslims. According to the Pew Research the significant percentages are a worry to the US who believes it could become a military threat to their country.
A third of the publics in most nations say they are satisfied with national conditions, notably Western Europe. The survey indicates that 73% in France and 63% in Germany say they have a favorable view of the U.S. Moreover, ratings of America have improved sharply in Russia (57%), up 13 percentage points since 2009, in China (58%), up 11 points, and in Japan (66%), up 7 points. Opinions are also highly positive in other nations around the world including South Korea (79%), Poland (74%), and Brazil 62%. Ironically only 50% of US citizens approved of their president's approach to the global recession.