US ambassador calls for justice in Khaled Saed incident
US ambassador calls for justice in Khaled Saed incident
Wednesday, June 30,2010 18:56

Ikhwanweb received reports concerning the Sidi Gaber Prosecution's stating that it will conduct a trial for the plainclothes policemen who were involved in the killing of Khaled Saed.    

The Nation’s Hope(Amal Alomma) website reported there was a liaison between the Head of Sidi Gaber Police Station and the Assistant Interior Minister Mohamed al-Sayed Tolba who requested him to refer the two informants and Major Ahmed Osman accused in the killing of Khalid Saed to a military trial.  
According to other sources the Ministry of Interior may be forced to dismiss the Major and the two informants in order to calm the public opinion and appease opposition political sectors who condemned the interior ministry for abusing its authority.
The European Union expressed  deep concern on the human rights situation in Egypt, particularly as Egypt is gearing up  for  new legislative elections, which may increase systematic abuse and torture of citizens by police.
The U.S. Ambassador in Cairo , Margaret Scobey expressed concern fearing it may increase pressures against Egypt in the US Congress and called for holding accountable those responsible for the crime, if proven guilty.