Now the Muslim brotherhood is accused of the Maadi Slayer !!!
Wednesday, January 31,2007 00:00
By Zeinobia

You know it is very silly when the government and NDP think that the Egyptian people are dump and naive to believe them in everything they say.In fact the regime knows very well that people in Egypt don’t believe them anymore ,yet they don’t want to stop lying,also stop treating people as dump.

From couple of days ,the head of the security committee in the Egyptian parliament appeared on El-Mahawar TV on the Nile Sat in the "90 minutes" show to speak about the famous "Maadi Slayer" and guess what the honorable NDP MP said

I don’t know if I laugh or cry or what ??

The Maadi Slayer everyday goes and hurts somebody and that gentleman accuses the MB !! I don’t know but is n’t from the responsibilities of the security questioning the minister of interior and following up the case in more mature way than this??

I don’t know what benefit the MB will get from recruiting a psycho to attack the ladies ?? oh yes I forgot like Farida El-Shobashy said "to Scare women and thus to force to stay in home "!!??

I am sorry what women ?? the 12 years old girls he attacked or the veiled ladies he attacked ??

I don’t think the MB is stupid enough to go after the ladies and girls from the working class in Maadi

The next thing we will hear that MB were behind the sinking of fury to get rid from the NDP as the runaway owner of the Sallam fury whose memory in these day is from the NDP !!

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