MB spokesman denies assertions by Reuters and al- Masry al-Youm
MB spokesman denies assertions by Reuters and al- Masry al-Youm
Friday, July 16,2010 00:44

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Essam Erian, denied allegations published in the Egyptian newspaper Almasry alyoum which alleged that according to the Reuters news agency that the Muslim Brotherhood will be fielding 200 candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections 

In a statement to "Ikhwanweb" the Executive bureau member ascertained that the paper printed incorrect and inaccurate news concerning the MB and the elections. He described the inaccuracy and groundless assertations as unprofessional stressing that no such official statements have been made by the MB. Erian maintained that the MB Shura council is still engaging in discussions regarding procedures. He continued although the MB's policy is to participate in all elections held and on all levels no official decision has been made concerning these specific upcoming parliamentary elections slated for next October
Erian concluded his statement highlighting that after discussions and in the event of a decision of participation the MB will publicly announce the number of candidates to run and the constituencies which will enter