Hebrew radio: Mubarak confirms good health to Israeli rabbi
Hebrew radio: Mubarak confirms good health to Israeli rabbi
Thursday, July 29,2010 08:33

According to excerpts reported on the Israeli military radio earlier this week.

Egypt's President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak confirmed his good health in a letter directed to Chairman of the Board of Rabbis in Israel Rabbi Oufadya Joseph also the spiritual leader for the sash party.


The radio broadcasting ascertained that Mubarak delivered in his message his appreciation which was conveyed by the Egyptian consulate relaying his gratitude for their concern and their good intentions over his health maintaining that he had completely recovered.


Mubarak assured them that he had never been better, contrary to allegations reported in the Israeli media and worldwide he added "I am certainly looking forward to cooperating with you in promoting our peace treaty”.


The message came in response to a message that the rabbi sent to Mubarak wishing him a quick recovery, which was delivered by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his recent visit to Egypt on July 18.


Recent controversy has surrounded the 82 year old president's health after he underwent surgery in March to remove his gall bladder in Germany . Nevertheless authorities maintain he has been given a clean bill of health.