Dr. Morsy denies accusations by Al-Ahram newspaper
Dr. Morsy denies accusations by Al-Ahram newspaper
Tuesday, August 3,2010 02:46


Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman and member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, denied the news published in Egypt's state owned Al-Ahram newspaper of the ruling party describing the petitions carried out by the MB and the National Association for Change in support of the seven demands as forged.
Dr. Morsy said he challenged the regime, and its apparatus to hold free, fair and transparent elections in any constituency to prove the real choice of the people.
He pointed out that the petitioned campaign has intimidated the regime, which he described as corruptive with witnessed incidents of corrupt ministers leaving without accountability despite their offences.
Morsy added that the regime was responsible for destroying and corrupting the country which resulted in its severe deterioration and underdevelopment. He continued that the regime has manipulated the elections and the will of the Egyptian people for more than 30 years preventing them from reaching the ballot boxes under the Emergency law which they have learnt to fully depend on by oppressing the nation.