IOA rebuilds apartheid wall in central Lod
IOA rebuilds apartheid wall in central Lod
Wednesday, August 4,2010 11:51

LOD, Israeli occupation authority (IOA) resumed construction of a wall separating Arab and Jewish neighborhoods in the heavily Jewish settled city of Lod, which is located in Palestinian territories occupied in 1948.

Local sources said that construction on the wall, which divides the Schneier and Nir Zvi neighborhoods, resumes Tuesday, after building was suspended by order of the Israeli central court several years ago.

According to the sources, former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon approved the wall’s construction in 2002, after settlers in Moshav Nir Zvi objected to Arabs passing through their streets. The wall blocks the path leading outside of the city, leaving a bypass route 10 km longer than the normal path.

The structure was discontinued after an appeal by Palestinians inside the city was approved. The Israeli court sparked outrage of Palestinian residents after deciding to reconstruct the wall.