US magazine describes Egypt's status as dire and stagnant
US magazine describes Egypt's status as dire and stagnant
Friday, August 6,2010 16:43

The American e-Magazine, the Globalist posted an article analyzing the current situation in Egypt describing it as dire and stagnant. The article posted claimed that the escalating frustration among the nations' people results primarily from the Egyptian leadership 'or lack of'

The article described the forthcoming presidential elections in Egypt as possibly carrying other options despite the restricted restrictions. Mention of the  strong currents pushing for reform in the country are currently applied, including  the momentum of the Muslim Brotherhood movement backing the call by former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, a  could be  candidate for the upcoming presidential elections who emerged recently on the political arena

An online petition has been launched backing the call for political reform and constitutional amendments by the MB Dr. Mohamed Badie securing over 400, 000 signatures and worldwide attention. The MB have repeatedly reiterated that they support the call for reform and call on all political opposition to unite for the wellbeing of the nation and to stand against oppression

Although the group have not decided on their stance for the presidential elections slated for 2011 they unite fully with the notion of change and promote the call for free, fair and transparent elections with judicial and international supervision and monitoring in addition to the elimination of the 'emergency law' which has been repeatedly abused despite numerous assurances by the country's PM Ahmed Nazif who reiterated that the law was to be used to combat terrorists and drug trafficking