Alexandria: Reform posters destroyed by “akhbar alyawm” vehicles
Alexandria:  Reform posters destroyed by “akhbar alyawm” vehicles
Thursday, August 12,2010 22:02

State security in Alexandria ordered posters and banners hung by members of the Muslim Brotherhood to be destroyed in a vicious act of vendetta. The operation ordered the removal of all the banners which were posted to inform citizens of the petition launched by political opposition calling for 7 demands for political reform and constitutional amendments.

Eye witnesses reported that they were surprised to two vehicles including a police car and the state owned papers' truck alakhbar alyoum transporting workers to the sites where posters were hung to slash, tear and destroy any banners hung by the MB

They added that other poster remained untouched. In fact witnesses asserted that the other banners were later tightly secured.

Head of the MB’s parliamentary bloc, Dr. Hamdi Hassan, emphasized that the incident proves further the extent of the campaign's success which consequently has resulted in the ruling regime's irritation. He also slammed the corruptive exploitation of the public vehicle to serve the regime