Qaradawi to participate in a break siege convoy to Gaza
Qaradawi to participate in a break siege convoy to Gaza
Monday, August 16,2010 14:58

RAFAH, -- Ihsan Hendricks, the president of the Muslim Judicial Council of Cape Town, announced that Dr. Yousef Al-Qaradawi, the chairman of the international union of Muslim scholars (IUMS), would take part in a marine convoy to Gaza Strip.

Hendricks, who is also a member of the IUMS, said that a big number of other scholars and senior Arab and Islamic figures would join the sea convoy organized by the union.

He said on departure from Rafah border terminal in Gaza on Saturday as part of the Miles of Smiles aid convoy that what the delegates saw in Gaza over the few past days was much more than what the people of South Africa had suffered during the reign of the apartheid regime.

He asserted that aid convoys to Gaza would continue by land and sea until the siege is lifted and Palestine liberated.

The delegation would convey the suffering of the Gaza people and their steadfastness and insistence on liberation of their land to the South African people, Hendricks said.

The European Miles of Smiles aid convoy arrived in Gaza via the Rafah border terminal five days earlier grouping several foreign solidarity activists along with relief material.