Facebook closes down Muslim Brotherhood’s account Ikhwanwiki
Facebook closes down Muslim Brotherhood’s account Ikhwanwiki
Tuesday, August 17,2010 07:57

The US-based social networking site Facebook has shut down the
Muslim Brotherhood’s account ikhwanwiki with no right. The group, which had approximately 2650 members, was established in an attempt to raise worldwide awareness to the group's cause calling for peaceful reform and give an insight to the true essence of the MB group.

None of the group's administrators were given any notice from Facebook that they had violated terms or conditions, and were given no direct reason as to why they had had their accounts disabled. It is clearly a political attack against the MB who enjoys popularity both in Egypt and abroad.
 The Ikhwanwiki administration believes that all political ideas and discussion should be free of censorship on the internet, but wishes to expose this hypocrisy, which often surrounds debate concerning the MB issue. MB pages are frequently censored or hacked however the group is determined to continue on, despite Facebook's censorship.
The group’s account never posted anything hateful or threatening stressing it is Facebook that is revealing itself to be hateful and practicing censorship towards groups organizing for progressive and peaceful social change.
Apparently the U.S. government and big corporations have great influence over Facebook policies and decisions.