MB media spokesman: Brotherhood will not be affected by TV drama
MB media spokesman: Brotherhood will not be affected by TV drama
Wednesday, August 18,2010 03:50

 Leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have expressed that the Ramadan series aired in Egypt called Al Gamaa will not deter the groups cause in calling for political reform and constitutional amendments.

The series written by Wahid Hamed is broadcast on state run television three times a day raising questions as to the real intentions behind the series. The series takes viewers through his supposedly political metamorphosis, from a talented student, natural-born leader and devout Muslim, to an intellectual founding father of modern-day political Islam.
 MB media spokesman Dr. Essam el Erian described the series as a not so subtle propaganda tool used by the state prior to the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to take place in October in an attempt to tarnish the group’s reputation
The group has enjoyed nationwide popularity and was successful in securing 88 seats in the parliamentary elections held in 2005 causing discomfort for the ruling NDP. Sources confirm that the regime will not allow a rerun of the win with evident animosity against the group who work in peacefully combating corruption and call for political change.
A recent petition launched by the group’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie has secured close to 535, 000 signatures calling for 7 demands for change collectively working with political opposition namely the NAC. The petition has not been met with lightly by authorities with numerous unjust arrests and indefinite detentions.
The series attempts to twist the truth of the group’s beginning portraying the founder Hassan el Banna as a religious radical much to the anger of his family. The MB founder’s son Seif El Banna in fact has maintained that he will take any necessary legal action against the writer and network for distorting the truth in the series which alleged that his father was involved in the assassination of the then PM Mahmoud Nograshy which consequently prompted the state security police to unjustly murder him.