Sometimes You Need To Slap More Than To Denounce
Sometimes You Need To Slap More Than To Denounce
Monday, September 6,2010 09:48


Many Egyptians remember when Zaki Badr ,the infamous notorious minister of interior was slapped surprisingly and powerfully in the heart of the Parliament in 1987 by a Wafd member and it happened as followed :  Badr rudely and shamelessly stood in the historical hall showing on a projector the photo of Fouad Pasha Serg El-Din1 sitting comfortably in his underwear drinking lemonade in his garden city villa’s porch and in front of a fan before calling him names2 !! The message he wanted to send to the opposition which was headed by Al Wafd then that the regime would expose and scandalize you !! In his pathetic moment of triumph in front of the representatives of the Egyptian people a Wafd MP called Talaat Rasalan came to him unexpectedly and slapped him while reminding him in a loud voice that “Homes have got sanctity , you son of ****”  , of course Badr did not stop he took off his shoe and tried to hit him with it and it was chaos.
I remember this famous incident while following the current discussion about Laila ElBaradei’s photos in the press .I did not want to speak about  the matter despite I know about it since day one because I did not want to spread it in order to give the regime what it wants but it is no use to ignore it now.

With no introductions we found unknown group headed by some girl exposing the so called dirty secret of ElBaradeis showing personal photos for Laila ElBaradei on the beach wearing a swimsuit and during her marriage from her British husband besides of course photos for her and her parents sitting in some event where there are some wine bottles, photos for her Facebook profile showing her religion as agnostic and the big shock : photo for her cute little daughter with her granddad in the swimming pool !!

It was an obvious regime attempt to hit ElBaradei using his daughter , playing the emotions of our people in Ramadan , it was something expected , in fact I did not realize that Dr. ElBaradei did not expect this knowing how dirty and desperate the regime is ; may be because he did not think there was nothing wrong , well there is nothing wrong for sure but some things can be twisted and be very damaging to him and his call , we are speaking about politics and public service , there is no privacy when it comes to political opponents and it happens everywhere.  

The timing was interesting as I hinted before , at the same time ElBaradei returns to the country and Omar Soliman’s posters ; in fact next day the whole world was speaking about Soliman’s posters in the heart of Cairo , we found the photos of ElBaradei’s daughter in 2 or 3 printed newspapers aside of online news portals. 

ElBaradei addressed the matter directly but in a very diplomatic way , I hope he will not stop at this because it is not about bunch of photos in Bikini.

The MB group was the first to address the issue with their statements denouncing the regime’s dirty move.The NDP has denied any involvement and rejected this behavior ,the NAC has decided to take legal action against this smear campaign.
Traveller Mohamed spoke about this matter , you should read what he wrote.

Also you should read this very smart and sarcastic in Masrawy’s Op-ed “What if ElBaradei becomes the President ??”
Up till now the comments and reactions of the people online was encouraging as they ignored all these attempts but the people online are a thing and the people offline are another thing. People are busy in Ramadan and in Camilla’s disappearance but I am sure that the Salafi TV channels will air special shows on this.

Dr. ElBaradei must address the matter in more effective way than this , he needs to slap this immoral regime.
1. He was once a minister of interior in Al Wafd cabinet in 1951
2. Believe or not Al Wafd was then a real party the regime worked hard to destroy.