Dr. Morsy: MB remains undecided on Elections
Dr. Morsy: MB remains undecided on Elections
Saturday, September 18,2010 19:10

The MB executive member maintained that in principle, the MB always participate in elections to achieve reform, so long as they are held with integrity and are free and fair.
In a press statement, Dr. Morsy emphasized that what was posted in the Wafd Party’s paper regarding the MB deciding to partake in the elections is not accurate since no decision has been made as yet.
Dr. Morsy stressed that the group is currently debating the recent appeal by the National Association for Change's (NAC),  Dr.  Mohamed ElBaradei, to boycott the elections, which Dr. Morsy described as "non-binding". Dr. Morsy ascertained that each and every party should be entitled to make its own decision freely and without pressure. He asserted however that the MB supported the petitioned call for political reform and constitutional amendments initiated by both the MB chairman NAC founder, Dr. Mohamed Badie, and will respect a unanimous decision reached by the major political parties