Prisoner specialist: Situation in Israeli jails could blow up any moment
Prisoner specialist: Situation in Israeli jails could blow up any moment
Monday, September 27,2010 17:06


GAZA, Specialist in prisoners' affairs Abdelnasser Farwana warned that the situation in Israeli prisons could explode any moment as a result of the escalating Israeli violations against Palestinian prisoners.

In a statement on Sunday, Farwana said that the repeated provocative measures against prisoners and the continuing poor incarceration conditions in Israeli jails is no longer bearable, stressing that the prisoners resorted to hunger strike as a message to all concerned parties to take a serious move to end their suffering.

He underlined that the Israeli war on prisoners has been raging for a long time but escalated following the resumption of the direct talks between the Palestinian authority and the Israeli government.

For its part, Al-Ahrar Movement held the Israeli occupation state fully responsible for the lives and safety of Palestinian prisoners in its jails and appealed to the international community to urgently move to protect them.

It said in its statement that the direct talks caused considerable damage to the issue of prisoners and augmented their suffering because the Israeli occupation used these talks as a cover for escalating its crimes against them.

In a related context, the international Tadamon (solidarity) foundation reported Sunday that the Israeli courts still uses the administrative detention policy to justify the imprisonment of 198 Palestinians in its jails at the pretext there are secret files against them.

According to the foundation's statistics, prisoner Hasan Safadi, 33, from the old city of Nablus is the oldest administrative detainee in Israeli jails and was kidnapped in June 2008.

Prisoner Safadi also was administratively detained three times before the last time, where he spent one year in prison in 1995, nine months in 2002 and in early 2004 he was detained for 33 months.