Amnesty condemns MB arbitrary detentions
Amnesty condemns MB arbitrary detentions
Tuesday, October 19,2010 22:08

London based rights group Amnesty International accused Egyptian authorities  of arresting large numbers of Muslim Brotherhood members in an attempt to hinder the country’s strongest political opposition group's elections campaign ahead of the parliamentary elections scheduled for November.

To date over 150 MB leaders, supporters and campaigners have been arrested since the MB chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie, announced that the group would participate and contest 30 percent of the parliament's seats in the election. Seventy however have been released. During the 2005 elections the group secured 88 seats in an unprecedented win and government official hace vowed the win would not be repeated.

Malcolm Smart the human rights’ Middle East director has maintained that the remaining MB political detainees appear to be detained solely on account of their association with the Muslim Brotherhood organisation. According to Said Haddidi from Amnesty, MB members continue to be harassed whenever there is an election.

Since the Brotherhood has appeared to be making rapid gains, police crack downs have escalated and MB establishments and businesses have been closed down.

In fact sources have revealed that police have warned the MB group which calls for a citizen against running in the upcoming election.

The group, founded in 1928, by Imam Hassan Al-Banna has continued to call for a civil state with Islamic references achieved solely through peaceful and tolerant means.