MB offshoot in Jordan believes group’s presence in parliament is essential
MB offshoot in Jordan believes group’s presence in parliament is essential
Tuesday, October 19,2010 22:59

The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan the Islamic Action Front has stuck firm to its decision to boycott the elections scheduled for early November in protest to what they described as shortcomings of the amended electoral law in facilitating transparency of the electoral process. This comes in light of the blatantly rigged elections of 2007.


Two MB members from Jordan Dr. Aref Abu Eid and Dr. Sameer Dababseh however have confirmed they will partake in the elections and have nominated themselves. They revealed their reason behind the decision to run in the elections is their belief that "the interest of Jordan is above all considerations and that it was unrealistic to boycott the elections.

Despite warnings that their membership would be annulled both nominees are adamant however they hope they will not be ousted from the MB’s political arm. Both do not wish for matters to reach that level nevertheless they will follow through with the elections

According to Abu Eid, it is wrong for the movement to stay in the shade, despite the fact that they may have their justifications for the boycott. He added that he believed that "The Party must have at least a voice in the parliament; it is unrealistic for Islamists to void themselves of the process." He stressed that "They could have a presence in the parliament and work to change the electoral law from within”.