MB Political Detainee Denied Medical Attention Despite Court Orders
MB Political Detainee Denied Medical Attention Despite Court Orders
Sunday, October 24,2010 19:19

 The family of political detainee, Dr. Zakariya Saleem, professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, Minia University and prominent MB leader, called for his immediate release on health grounds. They criticized the prison administration's decision which prevents him from being treated at Qasr al-Aini hospital. 

Dr. Saleem, who was arrested on September 24, 2010, suffers from diabetes and needs medical care since his usual medication was recently banned in Egypt . His family stressed that he must be seen by his doctor who would prescribe new medicine for him.

 Saleem suffers from high blood pressure in prison in addition to other conditions which require special care. His family condemned the lack of medical facilities and equipment in the prison and submitted appeals calling for him to be given the necessary attention.

 The Supreme State Security Prosecution received the appeals and a medical report and agreed that he be referred to Qasr al-Aini hospital for treatment; however, the prison administration and State Security refused his referral ignoring the decision. He remains in prison and in need of medical attention.

Dr. Saleem was arrested with 5 other MB leaders in Minia who are currently being detained, pending investigations.