Escalating harassments of MB supporters
Escalating harassments of MB supporters
Saturday, October 30,2010 18:13

 Supporter of an MB candidate for parliamentary elections in Cairo, Ibrahim el-Sayed el-Sayed, was severely tortured after his arrest yesterday by security officer, Mohamed Sameer. He was tortured to provide any information regarding the candidate, Amr Zaki, who is running for elections in the Hadayek el-Kobba constituency.

Security services denied he was being detained when a family member went to their headquarters asking about his whereabouts.

Mohsen Abdullah, who was arrested yesterday with el-Sayed, was released after being threatened with torture and imprisonment if he continued supporting MB candidates.

Security services also arrested Mustafa Khedr, manager of the office of Dr. Mohamed el-Beltagy, Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc and an MP in Shubra.
He was arrested while talking to people in the street with Dr. Beltagy and was taken to the headquarters of Shubra el-Khema security services.