Increased number of women participation in polls
Increased number of women participation in polls
Monday, November 1,2010 23:23

 The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights issued a report entitled “Egyptian Women between the Anvil of Political Parties and the Hammer of the Quota,” which revealed an increased number of religious slogans used in the parliamentary election campaign.
According to the report many female candidates from Upper Egypt and Cairo turned to the Internet and social networking site, Facebook, in their publicity campaigns.
The report highlighted that over 18 newspapers and local magazines reported a high rate of female candidates in accordance with the quota system; reaching 1,047 women, in comparison to no more than 127 women in the 2005 parliamentary poll.
Women's advocate, Yousra Ahmed, maintained that the reason behind the escalating number is either a sign of women becoming a larger part in the political process here in Egypt or that something really strange is happening.
The report noted that the Muslim Brotherhood has also nominated women for the People’s Assembly elections scheduled to begin November 28 after internal polling within the Brotherhood; 95 percent, agreed on women participating.