Security continues aggression arresting 13 MB
Security continues aggression arresting 13 MB
Tuesday, November 2,2010 02:23

Security forces continued their aggressive campaigns against supporters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Alexandria.

Three supporters of MP Sobhi Saleh and al-Mohamed el-Sayed Ahmed were arrested.
Nasser Badr, Abdel Salam Mohamed and Mohamed Gaber were arrested from the street for no apparent reason.
Security forces have launched arrest campaigns against members of the MB. During the last raid, 70 supporters of MB candidates in Alexandria were arrested and ten houses of MB members were raided with five of them being arrested.
In Monoufeya governorate, two MB members: Mohamed Mustafa and Abdel Rahman Mohamed Saleh were arrested on Saturday while distributing leaflets highlighting the achievements of their candidates: Ali Ismail and Yousry Tealab.
Security forces in Damanhour arrested three MB members who were taken to the police station until they were sent for prosecution.
Those who were arrested are: Mohamed el-Qady, Zaki al-loqani and Adel Abu Shanab.

Emad el-Sawy, brother of a MB candidate for the 2010 parliamentary elections was sent for prosecution in Delanglat city; however, the verdict is yet unknown.