MB: Reform in Egypt Must Begin by Achieving Integrity of Elections
MB: Reform in Egypt Must Begin by Achieving Integrity of Elections
Saturday, November 6,2010 19:13

Mohammed Morsy, spokesman for Egypt's influential Muslim Brotherhood and member of its Executive Bureau, has affirmed that most Muslim Brotherhood candidates have succeeded in submitting applications for nomination in Egypt's parliamentary election in the past three days, adding that a few are still completing their papers and will apply before the deadline for receipt of applications, scheduled for November 15.
In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Morsy said the group is committed to the conclusions of the Muslim Brotherhood's Shura Council and what has been officially announced by the MB chairman that the Brothers will contest up to 30% of the parliamentary seats. Expressing his satisfaction, he observes that receipt of applications have been running smoothly during the past few days.
He appeals to the relevant bodies to continue their positive aims to ensure a peaceful and credible electoral process, from the announcement of the election symbols for every governorate during the early stages, until final results are announced, so as to maintain stability as this is a beginning for Egypt's desired reform.
Concerning the media's ongoing war against the Muslim Brotherhood's election slogan "Islam Is the Solution", Morsy said that Islam is the official state religion, Sharia is the primary source of legislation, and the Egyptians are in dire need of political and social reform to improve the working and living conditions of the poor people. Egyptians have accepted the comprehensive Islamic Sharia for the country's welfare, prosperity and development.
The Brothers, like other Egyptians, are convinced that the Egyptian judiciary has not and will not rule against the definitive principles of Islamic law, indicating that the Egyptian constitution exalts these sublime principles, and that citizenship is an integral part of the constitution.
The MB spokesman said that Islam extols the value of individual religious freedom, and that people are created so that they can practice their religion and express their beliefs freely. He therefore questioned how we can believe such allegations against the slogan on the pretext that it is against freedom of opinion and expression. The Brotherhood declares that Islam is the official state religion and is indispensable for the Egyptians to maintain justice and prevent injustice. Islam really is the solution, and they will continue to say "Islam Is the Solution" during election campaigns and in the post-election period.