Egyptians Unite against Al-Qaeda Threat to Copts
Egyptians Unite against Al-Qaeda Threat to Copts
Sunday, November 7,2010 16:00

 Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak publicly condemned on November 6 threats by the Qaeda in Iraq against Egypt's Coptic Christians vowing he would protect them. After claiming responsibility for the violent attack on a church in Baghdad the group threatened to target the region's Christians if the Coptic Church failed to free two priests' wives held against their will after converting to Islam.
The Coptic Church however denies the women had converted to Islam and abstained from commenting whether they were being held against their will.
In a statement the Muslim Brotherhood vehemently opposed both the attack and threat calling on all Muslims to unite and protect the holy places of all the monotheistic religions, stressing it was a religious duty. It emphasized that Islam was a religion which promoted only peace and tolerance. The MB described the attack as criminal and heinous.

Top Azhar cleric Dr. Ahmed Altayeb also denounced the attack stressing it was something to be rejected and strongly denounced, emphasizing that it served none but those who want to spark discord and target national unity.