MB offshoot in Jordan freezes membership of 7
MB offshoot in Jordan freezes membership of 7
Monday, November 8,2010 12:49

IAF members from Jordan 's Muslim Brotherhood's political arm have been suspended for standing as candidates in Tuesday's parliamentary elections in contradiction to the party's boycott of the polls.
 Chief of the Islamic Action Front's internal court panel Tayseer Fityani explained that the punishment was based on the significance of the candidates' violation of the party's internal regulations maintaining that the membership was frozen for I year.
He said the seven could regain their membership in the Islamist party in one year's time without losing the privileges they gained over the years.
Sources have reported however that IAF's executive office will appeal the verdict and wants the seven members expelled from the party.
Observers were surprised at the decision since five other members namely Madallah Tarawneh, Abdul Hameed Qudah, Sameer Dababseh, Mohammad Massad and Aref Abu Eid were in fact expelled for similar violations.
The MB offshoot had earlier announced that they would boycott the polls in protest against the temporary Elections Law, which they ascertained favoured tribes over political parties.