Salsabeel Comp. Detained Employees Released after State Security Tortures
Salsabeel Comp. Detained Employees Released after State Security Tortures
Sunday, January 7,2007 00:00

Egyptian authorities released employees in the company of Salsabeel who were arrested after arresting the company owner, ten days ago, within framework of the security campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood group.
Although the prosecution did not direct any accusations against the employees whom the police detained from the Nasr City-based company of Salsabeel ; however, the State Security Police insisted on holding them throughout the last period- since they were detained last Dec. 24, 2006, at dawn till until they were released two days ago.
"The prosecution did not, at the beginning, accuse us of anything, not even any fabricated charges" said one of those released to Ikhwanweb," therefore, we didn’t appear- like other detainees- before Al-Tagamue Al-Ghames-based State Security Prosecution", adding that " we were expecting an immediate and direct release from Nasr City police station-2, but we were sent to Nasr City-based State Security on claims that they will complete investigations with us; we were accused there of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group; the police officers exercised many physical and psychological acts of torture to force us into admitting.
The source confirmed that the state security officers insulted them and uttered obscene words, and even slapped them with their hands and kicked them; he said that the officers were focusing on getting any information that may help them in spying on the Muslim Brotherhood group; they didn’t stop short of the beating and insulting the detainees; they denied the 25 detainees any food for three full days, so the detainees were only drinking water during these three days; "we were drinking water before dawn and fast till the evening prayers to break our fasting with water as well" the source confirmed, as they were detained during the first days of Dhu’l-Hijjah, which prophet Mohamed PBUH was used to fasting.
He added that:" They didn’t release us except after they were sure that we don’t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and after they threatened us with committing many actions if joined it or worked with any of its members or cadres nationwide.
It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian police arrested 25 employees in two flats owned by Salsabeel Comp. in Makram Ebeid street , Nasr City , after arresting him, on Sunday at dawn Dec. 24, 2006, and seized some of his personal belongings and money up to 165 thousand pounds (nearly $27000).