World Freedom Day Turns into a Demonstration with Demands to expel Egyptian University Guards
World Freedom Day Turns into a Demonstration with Demands to expel Egyptian University Guards
Friday, November 12,2010 00:35

 Egyptian universities' celebrations on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day has shifted to organized protests demanding immediate implementation of the Supreme Administrative Court's decision to expel university guards.
Some 200 students affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Monofiya University staged a protest, condemning the failure of Egyptian universities to implement a court ruling designed to end the police presence on campus and demanding the release of their colleagues who have been detained since being arrested in Shibin Al-Kawm police station two days ago.

"Detainees told how they were surprised while entering college when two security guards asked them to show their valid ID. They were then taken to the office of the head of university guards and beaten with sticks and kicked by security guards for no apparent reason. They were severely wounded in their faces and legs," MB students said.
The students added that the university administration has not been able to convince them concerning their failure up til now to expel the university guards, labeling it as a 'kind of stalling tactic to continue targeting students'. The students are demanding the immediate release of their colleagues and the implementation of the Administrative Court's decision.
Police have imposed a tight security cordon around the protesting students as central security trucks are stationed beside the university fence.
Meanwhile, Zagazig University students staged another march parading around the university on the occasion of the celebration of World Press Freedom Day, denouncing the continued presence of university guards in the universities, despite the Administrative Court's ruling.
Brotherhood students at Beni Suef University held a festival as part of their campaign entitled "Reformers".