NDP Women Accuse Party of Discrimination
NDP Women Accuse Party of Discrimination
Friday, November 12,2010 16:33

A report issued by The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) highlighted numerous objections from potential National Democratic Party women candidates in Egypt's upcoming parliamentary elections slated for November 28.

According to the group, many complaints were submitted from the women candidates of the ruling National Democratic Party who were barred from nomination in the polls.

The women asserted that they were exploited, maintaining that they were not chosen despite paying 'donations' amounting to 10, 000 LE to the party. Furthermore, the candidates were nominated based on the criteria of relatives rather than a partisan basis, stressing that the party excluded some female candidates in favor of others who are relatives of some secretaries in the party.

The women were also prevented from entering the headquarters to look at the results of the Electoral College.
Other complaints from the women included changing the nomination category. Kafr El Sheik's candidate said that the party nominated her for the professional seat although she submitted her documents for the labor seat making it necessary for her to change the category of her nomination.

To date complaints are still piling high and the ECWR continues to follow the election process receiving complaints from women in all the Egyptian governorates.