Egypt helped Israel in assassinating Namnam Time magazine says
Egypt helped Israel in assassinating Namnam Time magazine says
Saturday, November 13,2010 13:31

WASHINGTON, The US Time magazine said that Egypt provided intelligence to Israel leading to the assassination of Muhmmad al-Namnam, a commander affiliated with the Army of Islam faction in Gaza.

An article by Karl Vick in Jerusalem which was published on Wednesday on the magazine's website claimed that Egyptian intelligence gleaned information from other operatives associated with the group who were detained and interrogated in Egypt that the group was planning attacks on US soldiers based in the Sinai desert and passed on the information to Israel.

Namnam's car was targeted on 3rd by an air-to-land missile in the middle of Gaza City causing a huge explosion, killing him and wounding another.

Later on the same day Israel's internal security, the Shin Bet declared responsibility for the assassination.

Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot's website said at the time that Namnam was involved in a number of operations against Israeli targets for the "Army of Islam" and that the assassination was launched after the Israeli intelligence learned that he was planning a series of bomb attacks in Israel via the Egyptian Sinai peninsula.
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