300 MB Arrests amid Rubber Bullets and Tear Gas
300 MB Arrests amid Rubber Bullets and Tear Gas
Saturday, November 20,2010 11:02

 Security forces in Karmooz, Alexandria, attempted to disperse the campaign march of MB MP, Mahmoud Attia of Karmooz constituency; however, their attempt failed and after the march they attacked the MP and his supporters causing serious injuries to three and arresting five including a handicapped person.

Security forces used 12 security vehicles, two fire trucks and a deportation vehicle. Traps were set and there were clusters at street corners to arrest supporters of the MP. Government forces also surrounded the house of MP, Mahmoud Attia.

In al-Raml district, security forces used rubber bullets and tear gas against supporters of MB MPs, Sobhi Saleh and al-Mohammady el-Sayed Ahmed. They also attempted to assault MP Sobhi Saleh while a large number of his supporters were injured after thugs attacked them using swords and penknives. MB lawyers confirmed that close to 300 people have been arrested.

MP Saleh stressed that residents clashed with security forces after the latter smashed and destroyed stores belonging to citizens. Clashes continued even after the march had ended.

In Mina el-Basal constituency, security forces pursued the campaigns and marches belonging to MB candidates, Dr Hamdy Hassan and Hussein Ibrahim. They followed the march for three streets then attacked it from behind using tear gas and rubber bullets causing severe injuries among a large number of participants, residents and bystanders. Security forces also arrested a large number of the MP’s supporters including Ibrahim el-Sayed, from the MB executive bureau in Alexandria city.

In el-Dekhela, security forces arrested a number of supporters of Bushra el-Samny, MB candidate who is running for the women quota in Alexandria. Among those arrested is someone who was attending a wedding.

El-Dekhela police officers denied the entrance of lawyers and the families of detainees who were enquiring about them.