Violent Attack by Thugs on MB Candidate
Violent Attack by Thugs on MB Candidate
Tuesday, November 23,2010 02:13

Thugs affiliated to a candidate belonging to the ruling National Democratic Party attempted to stab Dr Mohamed Saad Katatni, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, during a campaign rally late Monday.

Witnesses say that thugs attacked the peaceful car rally which many MB members, campaigners and supporters were participating in. Sword and knife wielding thugs surprised the rally and attacked the car which Ketatni was in trying to stab and slash him with knives and swords aiming at his head. The perpetrators smashed the windshield of the car, seriously injuring the driver.

Then the thugs attacked Ketatni’s supporters injuring dozens of them seriously and smashed many cars, even those parked at the side.

Ketatni contacted police, however they arrived late on the scene accompanied by ambulances after the thugs had already escaped.