Forging, Arrests and Beatings on the First Day of Elections
Forging, Arrests and Beatings on the First Day of Elections
Sunday, November 28,2010 16:34

 Various security violations have taken place in many governorates of Egypt against candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) to prevent any mass communication expected for MB candidates.

Security forces and thugs attacked MB supporters in different governorates. Most electoral committees only provided voting cards for the National Democratic Party (NDP). Security forces prevented deputies of the MB from being present inside the election committees.
In Eitay el-Baroud, deputies of the MB candidate were denied entry to election committees except with a license approved by the Ministry of Interior.
Residents witnessed direct rigging ahead of the electoral process, as the heads of committee No. 124 and 129 were only providing voting cards for NDP candidates.
In Delengat, the NDP spread rumours in the election committee that MB candidates, Mohamed Asal and Manal Ismail, had been withdrawn from the elections.
Committees 140, 141 and 142 in Sandrina School in Mahmoudeya constituency only had voting cards for NDP candidates issued by heads of committees.
In Fayoum governorate deputies of the MB were prevented from entering any election committee.
NDP candidate, Mohemed Mostafa el-Khouli, and his supporters attacked and beat MB deputires, preventing them from entering the committees. In Fayoum Center, Manshaat Abdallah, most MB deputies were denied entry to the committees in order to make the rigging process easier.
Committees in Lahoun Primary School only provided voting cards for NDP candidates. Mohamed Taha el-Khouli beat and kicked out MB deputies with the help of thugs.
In the first constituency in the Suez governorate, a supporter of the MB candidate, Dr El-Sayed Rafat el-Abed, was abducted from the front of the school.
In Minia governorate all the deputies of MB candidates were denied entry to committees claiming that only deputies with documents stamped at police stations could enter.
In Daqahleya governorate, Minyat el-Nasr constituency, the two deputies of the MB candidate, Ibrahim Abu Awf, were denied entry to the election committees and rejected the licenses that deputies had from the Notary despite being complete and valid.  Head of State Security Investigations (SSI) in Minyatel-Nasr ordered all heads of committees, under the nose of all the people and deputies of MB candidates, to only provide voting cards for NDP candidates.
A number of heads of committees stressed that they were summoned by the head of SSI in Minyat el-Nasr and given clear orders to only provide voting cards for NDP candidates.
A number of heads of committees refused, saying that they will work fairly according to the ballot boxes, but he responded, saying: “You will carry out the orders despite your will, because no voters will reach you.”
In Sharqeya governorate, NDP candidate, Ahmed Abdel Dayem, for Hehya and Ibrahimeya governorates pointed guns directly at supporters of MB candidates including Ahmed Younes in Mobasher village.
In Telin constituency, deputies of the MB candidate, Moemen Zarour, in the fourth constituency were denied entry.
The head of committee No. 91 in Saft Rezek village kicked out all the deputies from the committee. In Salheya all the deputies of the MB candidate, Dr Farid Ismail, were kicked out by supporters of the Mayor, Mostafa el-Hout, and members of the party using force; beatings, assaults and causing injuries to one of the deputies.
The head of Faquis city’s committee, along with others, was seen forging voting cards and filling the ballot boxes with voting cards for the NDP in 24 boxes in al-Saha el-Shabeya in Faqous. Reports and complaints were filed concerning this incident.
In Derb Negm constituency, committee No. 187 in Safour Derb had empty ballot boxes and in Mena Safour village there was no phosphoric ink in the constituency.