Opposition Sticks to Parliamentary Boycott
Opposition Sticks to Parliamentary Boycott
Tuesday, December 7,2010 20:13

The decision to boycott the second round of elections made by Egypt’s opposition groups: the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Wafd Party was respected by all members. According to MB officials and regardless of allegations, the group stuck to their boycott insisting they will have zero authorized representation in the so-called elected parliament in order to expose the regime’s fraudulent elections and rigging of the people’s will. 

According to Al-Wafd Party any of its 6 candidates who secured seats will be suspended in the event of not resigning from parliament.  

Allegations that MB candidate Magdy Ashour  acquired a seat and remained in parliament has not been acknowledged by the group who maintain that no MB member won a  seat outright in the first round and none of the 27 candidates contested in the runoff as decided by the group’s Shura Council. 

Analysts argue that the ruling National Democratic Party was responsible for the victory of the few opposition candidates, in an effort to save face because of an overwhelmingly embarrassing 98% alleged win. In all reality the regime only succeeded in losing whatever legitimacy it believed it had as it rigged Egypt’s 2010 parliamentary elections by hindering opposition from being nominated and arresting its members as well as the violence and ballot stuffing and afterwards with false election reports.